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The IEA is a notified inspection- and certification agency accredited according to the Building Products Act.

The IEA is accredited since 2011 according to §11 Abs. 1 of the Building Products Act (BauPG) from April, 28, 1998 (BGBl. I p.812), last amended by art. 76 of the legal ordinance from October 31, 2006 (BFBl. I p.2407), in combination with
  • the legal ordinance about the recognition as inspection- and certification agency according to the Building Products Act (BauPG-PÜZ-approved legal ordiance) from June 6,1996 (BGBl. I p.798),
  • Art.1 No.1 of the legal ordiance for the assignment of responsibilities towards the Center of competence in Civil Engineering (DIBt-Übertragungsverordnung) from June 5, 1999 (GBl. p.262)
accredited as inspection- and certification agency (Id-No.: 2323) for the below listed building products and services:
  • ETAG 014: "Plastic anchors for use in concrete and masonry"
  • ETAG 020, Part 1 to 5: "Plastic anchors for fixing or supporting elements which contribute to the stability of the systems (e.g. facade systems"
  • ETAG 001, Part 1 to 5: "Metal anchors for use in concrete"
  • ETAG 029: "Metal injection anchors for use in masonry"
  • EOTA-Ref.-Nr. 06.01/15: "Steel plate with cast-in anchor(s)
  • EOTA-Ref.-Nr. 06.01/20: "Concrete screw for anchorage in  normal-weight concrete"
  • EOTA-Ref.-Nr. 06.01/01: "Channel bars (cast-in steel channel bars)"
  You will find further information here: Überwachungs- und Zertifizierungsstelle nach BauPG